Opening & Closing Louvre Roof System…

The Ultimate L150 Louvre Range has been Upgraded.

Recent introduction of a improved product range components is now complete.

Recent Improvement include:

  • Increased Spans up to 4200mm with greater maximum spans
  • Increase Bay capacity to 26m2 and bay length to 7200mm means more capacity per system making system more economical and powerful for our customers.
  • Increases to warranty with our Australian made motors now 7 years with further advancements including
    • a fully sealed motor
    • IP07 Rating
    • Marine Grade Stainless Steel all external components
  • Full revision of engineering to current Australian Building Standards

We are proud of and maintain a continuous development approach to our systems. These recent improvements ensure your product selection in Louvres will enjoy the best the market can offer. But we haven’t stopped yet as we continue to look for more ways to add function, value and durability to our products for our clients. If you need an Opening & Closing Louvre Roof Solution, contact the team at Totally Outdoors.